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Oculus Connect 4

So the Oculus Connect 4 just happened a week back. The annual developer conference held by the Oculus team to show where they are with the Oculus VR system (hardware, software, etc) and make any new announcements. And this year, they made some really huge announcements in the form of the new Oculus Dash, Oculus Home 2 and the brand new hardware, Oculus Go.   THE OCULUS DASH   The...

Escape from Flatland

In the novel Flatland, the life of a two-dimensional shape is disrupted when he encounters a creature from another dimension – a Sphere. The strange newcomer can drop in and out of reality at will. He sees flatland from an unprecedented vantage point. Adding a new dimension changes everything. In much the same way, VR completely undermines the digital design philosophies that have been...

What am I doing? Some VR stuff apparently

In this post, I’ll be writing what I sent to my college faculty as the proposal for my graduation project. Overview Virtual Reality is the imminent future and hardware manufacturers are fighting for specifications of their headsets, and prices of these Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs). The real fight is at the software level and this is where my project lies. Creating an Operating System GUI...

Change of plans

I have decided to revisit my initial project proposal after much contemplation and discussion with my mentor. I took some time to look critically at what I’m doing in a holistic manner and where my work was headed in terms of the audience I was trying to cater to. The following is the rewritten proposal that explains the details of it in a concise manner: “The technology of virtual...

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