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I have decided to revisit my initial project proposal after much contemplation and discussion with my mentor. I took some time to look critically at what I’m doing in a holistic manner and where my work was headed in terms of the audience I was trying to cater to.

The following is the rewritten proposal that explains the details of it in a concise manner:

“The technology of virtual reality (VR) is now established and best practices are
undergoing rapid evolution. In my bachelor’s final project I am focusing on the usage of
VR in task-based activities, and more ideally for workplace environments. In order to do
that I need to establish a set of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) principles
that are native to VR.

Historically digital interfaces have been crafted to suit the hardware requirements of 2D
screens. Designers have been fitting content and navigation inside the frames of
displays, translating our real-world experiences to icons and other UI elements (Bill
Moggridge, 2007). Bloating the virtual environment with 2D elements ruins the
immersion that VR offers. Designing for VR should not mean transferring 2D practices
to 3D but finding a new paradigm.

In my project, I am designing and developing a single VR experience, proposing
solutions to these problems within a workspace environment (such as an office) in the
form of use cases. Some of these may include working on MS-Office applications,
working with file explorer, playing music, using the internet browser, etc.”

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