Oculus Connect 4


So the Oculus Connect 4 just happened a week back. The annual developer conference held by the Oculus team to show where they are with the Oculus VR system (hardware, software, etc) and make any new announcements. And this year, they made some really huge announcements in the form of the new Oculus Dash, Oculus Home 2 and the brand new hardware, Oculus Go.




The ultimate multitasking solution. That’s the simplest way to describe the Oculus Dash. It is the 3D equivalent of an overlay that is present on UI’s everywhere. You can access this Dash UI from any app, at any time. Just like we do on our Windows and Mac OS. Imagine the scenario where you’re listening to music on Spotify and instead of having to close that application, you can now pin it on the side and use Google Chrome to browse the internet while listening to your tunes.

This UI almost resembles that of a futuristic dashboard of some spaceship.


The total overhaul of Oculus Home, the main screen where you land up when the VR system is powered up, basically the home screen, has been completely changed into a customizable environment where instead of having a single living room area with a fireplace, you can now build your own home screen and set it however you like, just like we do on our current desktops.


These 2 changes combined make quite a big advancement in terms of the VR scenario as it allows the user to utilize the full capabilities of their PC.

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