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Introduction to VR – Oculus Guidelines

(Click on image for site) Recently stumbled upon the resource website of Oculus developers. They have a huge section on designing for VR with very specific details on Rendering, Minimizing Latency, Optimization, etc I’m currently working on Unity as well as continuing research on the subject matter. The entire website is being used directly because of the technical specifications given...

Locomotion in VR – The Science behind it

Overview In VR, the concept of standard locomotion controls is turned on its head. Most of the time, traditional game controls don’t work well in virtual reality games. Lateral movement with a thumbstick or a keyboard can trigger motion sickness in a lot of people. Your inner ear controls your sense of balance and spatial awareness (vestibular system), if what your inner ear perceives is...

Text Input Methods in VR

Preface During my initial explorations of VR, I was struck at the initial stages on the fact that keyboard use and text entry were necessary but not natural — and people all around the world were having similar complaints. It is with a research-backed understanding I was able to understand that in certain situations the user still needs a keyboard to interact with applications, particularly in...

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